• Global-Market Review

    Hola mis amigos,

    as you may have noticed, multitasking is no longer an option, it's a necessity. Nobody just does one thing anymore. You cannot just eat dinner, you need to eat dinner while checking the latest news on Donald T. You cannot just talk to friends, you need to text them while talking to them. You cannot be interested in reading books (it's been lame for quite some time, anyway, right?), you need to read books while flying kites and driving turtles in caves. It seems to me that our protagonists take this approach to life more and more often. It used to be that one company was either into Forex, or into sports bets, etc. Boring, right? Right.

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    Dear recyclers,

    As you know, we have been very excited about promoting and attending the recycling and ecology trade show at the Brussels Expo, which was to take place on March 22 to March 23. However, due to the tragic events that happened in Brussels on the morning of March 22, the exhibition organizers had to cancel the event. Recyclix expresses its sincere condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of all those affected. We continue our commitment not only for a cleaner planet, but also to a safer and more peaceful world.

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  • Iklance review

    Hola mis amigos!


    First things first. I will confess that I am kind of grumpy.

    All the pages I've seen lately are somewhat depressing. Light-bluish, grayish, brownish. Very static. Has the Internet entered the Silent Movie Era and nobody told me about this? But there is hope. I really like our today's protagonist's website: http://www.iKlance.com.

    iKlance.com is a one-pager that's easy to navigate and cute. The colors are pleasant (blue, red, yellow, green), and while I understand that it's probably a typical template, when something is well-done, who cares, right? iKlance.com was registered on May 21, 2015 and the domain is valid until May 22, 2017. As far as the registrant goes, the only piece of information is that there is a Panama connection (although the office is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Not much more can be found on the page either. From the security certificate – COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server – we get to know that it is valid from March 18, 2016 until September 19, 2016.

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  • ForexKing review

    forexking reviewIt has been a while since I had the privilege to speak/write to you. I do not know whether it's the wonderful global situation or simply winter, but new and fresh programs are not as new and fresh as they used to be.

    Yes, I am indeed talking like an old guy sitting in front of his TV set complaining about the new generation, I realize that, thank you very much. But today is a new day and we have a new program with chess board on its man page, which is usually a good sign. Chess equals brainiacs, right?

    The chess thing does not end with that. The program is called Forex King, which is probably why you can see the pawns – and, yes, the king – as soon as you open the website. The pawns are even moving in a rather cool way! Searching for the company's CEO, Vilhelms Balodis, will give you another king-like figure, with the crown and everything. I have no idea whether Manchester is known for its chess artistry, but the website is registered there for sure. The domain was registered on December 12, 2014 and expires on December 11, 2019. As one may judge by the website, the kings and queens of the Forex King are pretty self-confident – the About Us section is titled “We are best”. I'm guessing they do not appreciate articles, but then again, who does.

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Last programs

  • Binario Investment

    May 11, 2016

    Binario Investment

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 0.86% daily; 1.13% daily; 1.38% daily; 1.66% daily

  • Diamonds Investment

    May 11, 2016

    Diamonds Investment

    Status: PROBLEM

    payouts: 102.00 - 120.00% after 1 day; 112.00 - 200.00% after 4 days; 180.00 - 1000.00% after 16 days

  • Global Market

    April 27, 2016

    Global Market

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 1.50% daily; 2.00% daily; 2.50% daily

  • Iklance Corps Inc

    March 19, 2016

    Iklance Corps Inc

    Status: PAYING

    payouts: 1.00 - 3.00% daily; 1.10 - 3.00% daily; 1.20 - 3.00% daily; 1.30 - 3.00% daily; 1.40 - 3.00% daily; 1.50 - 3.00% daily


Program name Payment sent Amount Return of investment (%) Payment system
Global Market 19 hours ago $ 0.74 1.48 %
Global Market 2 days ago $ 1.48 2.96 %
Binario Investment 4 days ago $ 12.60 4.2 %
Global Market 4 days ago $ 0.74 1.48 %
Binario Investment 5 days ago $ 12.60 4.2 %
Global Market 5 days ago $ 0.74 1.48 %
Global Market 6 days ago $ 0.74 1.48 %
Global Market 7 days ago $ 0.74 1.48 %
Binario Investment 7 days ago $ 12.60 4.2 %
Binario Investment 2 weeks ago $ 12.60 4.2 %
Program name Date Update content
E-Dinar 26 April 2016

]Dear community members and owners of EDRCoin wallets! Now and cryptocurrency EDRCoin launched the faucet - a service that allows anyone interested to receive 0.01 EDRC absolutely for free every hour! All you need to do - is to go to rootapi.blockchain.mn, enter the number of your EDRC wallet and cl... Read more »

InvestFond 19 April 2016

We want to inform all our investors that we have just added QIWI payment system, and you may now use this payment processor at your convenience. The InvestFond.eu is one of the most stable companies in the investment market worldwide. We will continue work and do our best to provide secure investm... Read more »

Forex King 18 April 2016

Forex King has been online for a really long time, and we are as much excited as you are, to have achieved such a great milestone. We have gone through many achievements during our online journey so we are trying our best to provide excellent services for long term perspective. But Forex King is re... Read more »

Program name ROI
Paidverts 885.58 %
Recyclix 661.88 %
MyTrafficValue 493.43 %
InvestFond 349.42 %
Merchant Shares 140.78 %
Compound Fund 109.16 %
E-Dinar 61.50 %
Iklance Corps Inc 37.62 %
Global Market 37.04 %
Binario Investment 33.93 %
Program name Date Sent by Status
Atlant Investments 2 months ago umakantatiadi pending
AtrexTrade 5 months ago olisasegun pending
Poker Automatics 7 months ago scottfree pending
AtrexTrade 8 months ago cdaley2011 pending
AdClickXpress 3 years ago NadineS closed
GulfInvClub 3 years ago archurst pending
InstaBank 3 years ago TJAlex pending
Secure-Inv 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
BIOFunds 3 years ago Jmservicesllc98 pending
Malaysian INC 3 years ago TJAlex unsolved

Current Top Programs

  • Paidverts

    1. Paidverts

    • Monitored: 2 years
    • ROI: 885.58%
    • Last payment: 3 months
    currency currency currency currency currency currency
  • Recyclix

    2. Recyclix

    • Monitored: 12 months
    • ROI: 661.88%
    • Last payment: 3 weeks
    currency currency currency
  • MyTrafficValue

    3. MyTrafficValue

    • Monitored: 3 years
    • ROI: 493.43%
    • Last payment: 3 months
    currency currency currency currency currency

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